Wow Porn Iwia & Nikita in Lick Me Gently

Iwia and Nikita are two stunning brunette girls with incredible bodies. You won’t find a pair of babes that have cuter asses, perkier breasts, or sweeter pussies than these two. Which is probably why they choose to make love to each other, rather than add any men into the mix.

The two vixens are on the couch wearing very revealing outfits. They kiss passionately, touch softly, and moan quietly. They can’t keep their moans at a whisper level for very long though. The instant that Nikita’s tongue touches Iwia’s pussy a very load moan comes from Iwia’s gorgeous mouth. She loves the feeling of a wet, warm tongue on her bald pussy.

Nikita continues to tongue fuck Iwia and even adds a few fingers that she shoves in and out of Iwia’s now soaking wet pussy. The girls moan so loud the neighbors can hear through the walls. It doesn’t take very long for the oral pleasure to cause an orgasm to rip through Iwia’s body!

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Wow Porn Iwia in Explore My G-Spot

Arriving home from an amazing night out, Iwia feels fantastic. Her boyfriend showed her such an incredible time that she wants to repay him in her own special way. Still in her tight black and white dress, Iwia pins her man against the wall and begins to rub his cock through his pants. He’s taken aback by the aggressive move and passionate kiss, but doesn’t fight it.

When Iwia can feel that his cock is almost fully erect, she drops to her knees and undoes his pants. She kisses and tongues his hard dick before letting it pass her lips and gently slide into her mouth. He moves his hips forward and then back, delicately fucking Iwia’s lovely mouth.

Her boyfriend loses control. He can’t take the incredible urge he has to fuck Iwia, and fuck her hard. The first thing her boyfriend does is remove her dress as fast as he can. Only panties remain, and he stretches the waistband as he rips them down her legs. Bending her forward, he can see her sweet pussy is dripping wet and ready for him. He puts the head of his dick to her pussy and pushes!

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