Wow Porn Zita in I Like It Hard

Zita was home from school and saw that her boyfriend was waiting for her. Their eyes locked as she walked into the room and they both moved toward each other. Not saying a word, the couple wrapped their arms around one another and locked their lips in a passionate kiss.

The gorgeous brunette babe was the first to move her hands down to remove her shirt. Her boyfriend quickly followed her lead and began removing his clothes, as well. They tried to keep their lips locked and their tongues twirling as they stripped down to nothing.

Zita was first to break the lip lock. She fell to her knees in front of her man and took his cock into her mouth. She sucked until his big dick was rock hard. Then, she climbed on top and straddled his hips. She lowered herself down onto his cock impaling her sweet pussy. The young and horny couple bucked their hips until they both sent juices flowing onto each other!

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